Parents' TestiMoNials

Molly has been attending Dunky's since she was 9 months old, and has always been very happy and enjoys coming to Dunky's. The staff are always friendly, polite and are always on hand to speak to. I always get a daily update on what she has done at nursery. Molly is full of confidence which I believe the staff have helped to achieve this and feel she is well equipped for when she starts school in September. I always recommend Dunky's to friends and family as it is a great setting for children to thrive. Dunky's are also very accommodating as I am a shift worker, this is something other nurseries won’t accommodate.
Kelly Danily
A parent
I chose Dunky's as it was conveniently by my workplace. It doesn’t cost as much as other nurseries. It has a brilliant indoor ball pool and tunnels which my boy loves. So even if it’s raining they can still have a great play. All of the staff are lovely and helpful. It is a great place for my son to grow and learn,  we love it!
Denise Gwillym
A parent
My son can’t wait to tell me what he has done at Dunky's each day. I am really impressed with the nursery programme as it captures all of my child’s interests and I can see that he is learning new things every day. At the moment he has been engrossed with the life cycle of the caterpillars and has really enjoyed watching them turn into chrysali before releasing them at the gardening club.
Kristina Giebka
a parent
“My son has attended Dunky's for nearly 8 months now. He really enjoys the time he spends there and it is lovely to hear him chat about all of his special friends and all the staff which he obviously cares for very much! He has recently moved from baby to toddler room. During this time I was very anxious but the staff made the transition very personal for him, nothing was rushed and I was fully informed at every stage. Thank you.
Jo Robinson
A Parent

Staff Testiomials

“Working at Dunky's brings new challenges every day. I enjoy working for a progressive, forward thinking company who strive to be a leader in the Industry by providing the highest quality childcare and education” 
Marie Mcsorley
Senior Nursery Nurse
“I really enjoy my role as nursery chef. Dunky's provides lots of opportunities for me to grow and develop in my role. I love the fact that I can use my artistic flare to create a wide range of meals from around the world to tantalise the children’s taste buds and there is nothing more rewarding to seeing empty plates at the end of lunch time!”
Julie Molyneux
Nursery Chef
I have worked at Dunky's for over 22 years and Dunky's is a special place for me. I am passionate about the care and education we provide and motivated to do my job as best as I can every day. I feel privileged to work with young babies and children every day and it is wonderful to see them grow and transition to big school. You get a sense of pride seeing the children take the next steps in their life’s journey.
Joanna Davies Bate
Deputy Manager
I enjoy working for Dunky’s Day Nursery because it is a privilege to have a part in a child’s early years in a fun and welcoming environment.
Jayne Moir-Riches
Team Leader