Our Commitment

Mission Statement

At Dunky’s Day Nurseries we aim to provide high standards of education & care for our children.
We wish to provide services to the local community & local employers, in a setting where growing up is fun

We believe that staff and parents working positively together can support children in achieving their maximum potential. Each child has a Key Person who is responsible for the induction of your child and the monitoring of their progress in the nursery. The Key Person regularly reports to the parents who in turn are encouraged to do the same. Formal reviews of this dialogue take place at parent’s/key person’s meetings.

The Key Person will be your main contact with Dunky’s. They will help you and your child settle in, answering any questions you may have.

This Key Person is based in your child’s room, but will not be the sole carer. It is important that you and your child build relationships with all the staff in the room, as you will be dealing with them on a daily basis.

We hold 2 Parents/Key Persons meetings a year where you will be able to discuss your child’s progress with your Key Person. When the time comes for your child to move up to the next room, you will be assigned a new Key Person who will help your child settle into the new room and new
routine and will again answer any questions you may have.

Key People

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Dunky's Parent Partnership Group


The aim of the parent partnership group is for nursery management and parent representatives to work collaboratively to steer the nursery forward.  We meet on a quarterly basis. Management produce a report for the reps on what has been happening in the nursery since the last meeting and together we work on future plans. We often do presentations to the reps on topics of their choice or maybe agenda items in the news. For example we have done presentations on How children learn, Schemas, Eppi Projects, Behaviour management etc. The Parent group are heavily involved in our reflection process and often do audits on the nursery and are involved in the SEF. We also arrange fund raising events together etc. Parent representatives also act as a port of call for other parents for example the parent representative’s telephone numbers are displayed around the nursery and new parents who are thinking of using the nursery can phone the reps to gain firsthand experience of the nursery.

Quote From A Parent Rep

When I initially discovered that Dunky's Day Nursery gave parents the opportunity to become a parent representative I thought it was a really unique and valuable experience too good to miss.  Not only has this role provided me with  the opportunity to have a more in-depth look at how the nursery functions and discover their future plans, I am also able to represent other parents who would like to raise any issues or questions to me.  This then allows me to feedback to Management at Dunky's.  Each parent rep meeting proves extremely useful and provides me with the knowledge and satisfaction that Dunky's continues to work extremely hard for our children who attend the nursery.   Kate Burke
Kate Burk
Parent Rep

Settling In

It is our nursery policy that children do settling in sessions before starting, these sessions enable you to build up trust in the staff and ensure that we
know everything there is to know about your child’s needs. We recommend you do 3 sessions the week before they start but these are flexible
depending on both you and your child’s individual needs.
We know that leaving your child for the first time can be traumatic for them and for you too. Children can be worried and fairly ‘clingy’. They do lose
those fears very quickly once they experience how fun and exciting the nursery is.
Our staff are use to this situation and are well trained in distracting children with various diverting activities. This way you do not leave feeling
guilty for the rest of the day.


Safety And Security

We have installed a digital video security system with cameras covering both the inside and outside of Dunky’s. This system means that if a parent is
concerned over anything, the manager can check it. This procedure also protects our team from any misunderstandings and gives parents total peace of mind.
Entry into Dunky’s is with an electric security fob or via the intercom system. Each fob has its own electronic tag which means we can tell which fob
has opened what door and when. Also, each individual fob is given its own level of access, so not every fob will open all doors.
We have smoke detection throughout the building and a sprinkler system.
One other aspect of safety is the ratio of staff to children. This is strictly governed by Ofsted, but in keeping with our attitude, we are staffing well
beyond Ofsted’s minimum requirements to ensure the best possible levels of attention and care for your child.